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In the market for a new house? Before you buy the home of your dreams, be sure to inspect the following plumbing features…

Plumbing issues are amongst the most common problems new homeowners face after they move in and unfortunately most issues may not be discovered during a casual inspection. To save yourself the cost of major repairs after you buy a home, here are some of the most important plumbing features to look out for:

  • Toilets, Taps and Sinks

Toilets and sinks can give you a good idea of the water pressure and general health of the plumbing system in a home.

– Turn on each tap in the house and ensure that the water drains away quickly from the sink
– Check for leaks beneath and around the taps or below the sink
– Flush all the toilets to ensure the water drains out easily
– Check around the base of each toilet and water chamber for any leakages

  • Are the pipes galvanised (steel) pipes?

If they are this means that new copper pipes would eventually have to be installed as steel pipes fall under old installation methods and are the cause of many burst pipes.

  • Check the water meter!

Another important tip is to check the water meter and whether it still runs whilst all the taps are closed. If it does it is a very good indication that there could possibly be a leak in or around the house.

If you are unsure about any plumbing issues your prospective home may have, please feel free to contact K-Plumbing. K-Plumbing specialises in preventative maintenance checks and a professional plumbing inspection may ensure that you don’t incur any unexpected costs after you move in.

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