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Winter is upon us and although South African winters are mostly mild and pleasant, mornings and evenings can be cold. 

A hot shower is a nice way to warm up…with the increase in electricity prices being smart with your geyser usage is key.

Geyser blankets are one of many energy saving methods that could be used to reduce your energy footprint on the environment, and ultimately save electricity. This implies that a geyser is fitted with a specialised blanket and minimise the thermal energy (heat) loss. 

It is a fast and simple method to save up to 27% of your electricity bill in Winter and Summer, that is approximately R270 on an electricity bill of R1000. 

Installing a Geyserwise TSE Controller switch alongside your Geyser Blanket can also ensure big savings on your electricity bill. The controller switch monitor and control your geyser’s energy consumption as well as the temperature of your water, ensuring the temperature is not too hot. An energy saving of up to 20% can be achieved. 

Benefits of installing a controller switch and geyser blanket:

  • Move geyser usage to off peak periods
  • Detect hot water pipe leaks early
  • Detect scale build up in your geyser
  • Prevent geyser from over heating
  • Automatically turn your geyser off during periods when not in use
  • Ensure water stays warmer for longer when geyser is turned off

Water heating can account for 40 – 60 % of your electricity usage, by installing these two systems in your home is worth investigating.

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