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Eco friendly plumbing

To build a sustainable future, we need to find efficiencies in all walks of life, that includes your plumbing at home.
Sustainability can be introduced to your plumbing at home, by incorporating materials or methods that are environmentally friendly. Here are a couple of ideas:

Start at the beginning…

Examine your existing water pipes first and check there are no leaks. Next, reconsider the choice of materials. You may prefer steel pipes, which are durable and can hold heat well or PEX pipes, which are more modern, but equally efficient. Consult an expert if you’re not sure your pipes are functioning well. If you are unable to replace the pipes, make sure you provide enough insulation so that you reduce heat loss and protect the pipes.

When pipes need to be replaced…

Plumbing elements that are not in working order needs to be replaced to avoid wasting water and paying more. Even if everything seems to be running effortlessly, you need to consider making some changes that would lead to more environmentally friendly options. If you are spending too much energy heating the water, look into the options for replacing the existing system with a more eco-friendly and cheaper alternative, such as solar panels or gas heaters. Geyser blankets and geyser controller switches can also be considered.

Consider your outdoor plumbing…

Many people neglect their outdoor plumbing and do not consider it as part of their plumbing system. It is important to consider this, if you have plants or lawns around your home. One solution is to install a drip water system. A timer can also be installed, which would help you become economical with water. Outdoor plumbing uses just as much water.

The ideal would be to install rain barrels to catch water runoff from your roof gutters.

Do the research…

There are numerous amounts of research available for you to be more eco-friendly at home. With loads of tips and methods to be more environmentally friendly but also ensuring you save money. Don’t be afraid to ask your local plumber, like K-Plumbing, for eco-friendly solutions. Making your home eco-friendly is not as difficult as you may think.

K-Plumbing can do preventative maintenance checks on your home & ensure your home is environmentally friendly!

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