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What to do in a plumbing emergency…

At some point or another almost every home has a plumbing emergency. Learning ways to deal with a plumbing emergency will allow you to protect your home and get a repair service there much faster.

Here are some plumbing tips to assist you during an emergency:

  • Shut off the water

Whenever an emergency strikes, turn off the closest water source as quickly as you can. For toilets, this can be as simple as turning off the valve at the base of the toilet. For larger emergencies the master shut-off valve will turn off the water supply. Typically, it is located outside your home next to your water meter. Make sure that you and the other members of your family know where the master shut-off valve is located. This will ensure you act quickly in case of an emergency.

  • Tackle small leaks

Small leaks must be dealt with soon as possible. Keep some plumber’s tape in your home but alternatively you can stuff rags and towels around pipes or put buckets under dripping leaks to help stop further damage. Make a note of these leaks and contact your plumber immediately.

  • Open drains and spigots

There will be water left in the pipes even after the main water valve has been shut off. You can move this water away from your home and potential damage areas by turning on any spigots that are outside of your home. Give the garden hose a few squirts to ensure it clears out excess water, too. If you’re experiencing a small clog or backup during this process, try to open the drain with a plunger.

The best thing for your home is to have a 24/7 plumbing emergency team just a phone call away. We also recommend keeping your plumber’s number in a list of contacts, for easy access when you need it.

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