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There are few pleasures to rival the rare, innate idleness and exquisite stillness of a soak in a bath. After a long day’s work soaking in a bath, have the remarkable power to instantly transform how we look and feel. With load shedding once again knocking on our backdoor and the frustration of not being able to take a warm bath has unfortunately become a reality.

Switching to a solar geyser could be the way to ensure you are able to soak in your tub whenever you choose.

What is a solar geyser and how do they work?

A solar geyser is a sun powered water heating system (heat pump) that is generally installed on rooftops.

They are heated directly or via light-concentrating mirrors and can be independent systems or part of a hybrid system (using gas or electric heaters).

There are two broad types of solar geysers, active and passive. In both types, there is a collection tank for the water and a solar collector which is the dark black solar panels that you often see on houses’ roofs. These collectors have water channels or pipes running through them and have a special glaze on them that helps keep heat inside. The sun’s heat is then used to heat the water in these channels.

Solar Water Heating is about as green as hot water can get and is an excellent clean energy source: its fuel, sunlight, is limitless, free and emits nothing when converted into energy.

A geyser accounts for about 40% – 60% of your electricity and by switching to a solar geyser, you can save on your electricity bill.

Be on the lookout for more posts on renewable energy and ways to ensure you can continue with your day-to-day, whilst load shedding looms. Visit our blog at www.k-plumbing.co.za



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