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In recent weeks, the coronavirus outbreak, has certainly been on everyone’s mind and has had a
severe impact on our day to day.  The question remains, will its aftermath eventually enable
humanity to reset its values for the benefit of the planet? The coronavirus is now causing a paradigm shift that will usher in a “better system” for the environment and people. The measures taken were drastic, to the point and quick, showing that it is certainly possible to make the necessary changes when crisis knocks on our door.

In China, the virus lockdown led to a dramatic decrease in pollution from commuting and
manufacturing. Dolphins and certain fish species have appeared in the canals of Venice again. Can
we use this emerging pandemic to do some good and reset daily habits to be more sustainable?

The concept of green plumbing is still relatively new in South Africa, but in recent months with
increasing loadshedding issues and lack of rain this is changing.

What does green plumbing mean?

Green plumbing is environmentally friendly plumbing that utilises the use of energy saving
appliances, low flow fixtures, and new innovative technologies that are known for costing less and
lasting longer.

In terms of conserving energy, solar geysers and heat pumps are devices that can be installed to
reduce costs and have a positive impact on the environment. Water harvesting systems on the other hand allows for water to often be reused or not go to waste when we experience rainfall. Whatever the need may be, during this time of self-evaluation and changing our ways. Green plumbing is something to be further investigated.

What are some of the global trends?

Water recycling is currently enjoying the most attention on the international green plumbing scene. Australia once again leads the charge with an innovative programme in this regard, with a focus on recycling water. Recycled water can be used for watering the garden, flushing toilets, washing cars and firefighting.

K-Plumbing is passionate about green plumbing practices and our team of experts will work with
you to custom design the perfect package for your specific application, needs, and budget.

Be on the lookout for more posts on renewable energy and ways to ensure you can continue with
your day-to-day, whilst Corona lockdown looms. Visit our blog at www.k-plumbing.co.za


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