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Sharing the journey…

Since high school Bennie Oosthuizen embarked on an extraordinary journey that would shape his life and the plumbing industry. Armed with just one bakkie, Bennie laid the foundation for his plumbing business, Ghiza Plumbers, in 2010.

As Bennie’s expertise and reputation grew, so did his aspirations. In 2018, he found himself presented with a unique opportunity that would change the trajectory of his business. Bennie joined forces with a group of like-minded businesses, all sharing the same heart and vision for God’s dream and plan in the marketplace. Together, they formed a collective that would give rise to a new entity called K-Plumbing.

Partnering with Christopher since 2018, a friend who shared K-Plumbing’s vision of being a plumbing business worthy of imitation, K-Plumbing underwent a transformation, breathing new life into the business. With a united purpose, Bennie, Christopher and the K-Plumbing team set out to establish K-Plumbing as a beacon of God’s standard of excellence in the industry.

Driven by their deep faith and desire to reflect God’s standard in all they do, K-Plumbing went beyond mere pipes and fittings. They aimed to embody God’s image and likeness in every aspect of their work. The business model is built on a word of God, a commitment to His principles, and a passion for exceptional plumbing craftsmanship complimenting the true value of what each plumber represents. Together we are dedicated and striving to redefine the perception of the plumbing trade, transforming it from a misunderstood and so-called ‘dirty’ profession into an esteemed and highly specialised artisan craft.

Bennie’s journey from starting Ghiza Plumbers to the evolution of K-Plumbing alongside Christopher showcases his unwavering determination and faith. Together, they forged a path to create a business that aims to set the standard in the industry, guided by their shared vision and devotion to God’s image and likeness.

Today, K-Plumbing stands as a testament to their partnership and the values they hold dear. It serves as a shining example of how passion, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to one’s beliefs can transform a small venture into a business that strives for excellence, embracing God’s standard every step of the way for generations to come. 


Ghiza Plumbing

2010 – 2016

Ghiza Plumbing

2016 – 2017


2017 – 2018


2018 – 2023


We are an established plumbing company for 13 years.


Get to know your next level plumbing team.

At K-Plumbing, our team embodies the essence of unwavering work ethic and respect for others. We prioritise honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all our interactions.

Hard work is ingrained in our DNA, propelling us to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results. We strive to never settle for mediocrity; instead, we give every effort to go above and beyond, consistently striving to exceed the needs of our clients.

Christopher Smit

Director – Sales & Services

Christopher illuminates K-Plumbing’s narrative as a guiding beacon, capturing the essence of the company’s vision and core values. With his love for marketing, sales, and business development, he cultivates deep customer relationships at the heart of it all, sparking remarkable growth and propelling the business to success across all dimensions.

Bennie Oosthuizen

Director – Operations & Services

The backbone of K-Plumbing, Bennie embodies unwavering dedication, tirelessly seeking solutions to any challenge that arises. With an unrelenting passion for the practical side of plumbing, he brings unmatched expertise and a determined spirit, ensuring excellence in every project and inspiring the entire team to reach new heights operationally.

Ivan Drotskie

Junior Operations Manager

The Junior Operations Manager at K-Plumbing! With precision, friendliness, and unwavering drive, he serves as the cement that binds the teams together. His core values inspire excellence and foster a tight-knit, winning spirit.

Desmond Chomunoda


A Foreman at K-Plumbing, brings a perfect balance of calmness and friendliness to the team. With unwavering reliability, he’s someone we can always count on for getting the job done. His core values drive him to deliver exceptional results and create a positive, harmonious work environment.

Given Lhunguane


K-Plumbing’s Foreman! With a calm and friendly demeanor, he leads the team with an open mind, embracing new ideas and perspectives. Always lending a helping hand without a hint of complaint, he puts others’ interests above his own, making teamwork a breeze.

Cameron Yates


Cameron, the plumbing maestro, embodies tranquility and precision in every task. His calm demeanor and calculated approach ensure meticulousness in every plumbing job. With an unwavering commitment to accuracy, Cameron is the go-to expert when precision is paramount in plumbing solutions.

Chane De Beer

Admin administrator

Meet the heart of K-Plumbing’s admin team – Chane De Beer! With her infectious warmth and friendliness, Chane ensures that every customer interaction is more than just assistance; it’s an experience filled with care and a welcoming touch. At K-Plumbing, we believe in going beyond plumbing solutions; we believe in creating connections, and Chane is here to make sure your experience with us is nothing short of delightful. Discover the difference of genuine warmth with Chane at the helm of our customer care.

Kristen Moolman

Operations Coordinator

Introducing Kristen Moolman, the driving force behind K-Plumbing’s operations administratively! As our Operations Coordinator, Kristen’s insightful and principled approach ensures a seamless connection between our teams and customers. With Kristen in charge, everything flows with precision and excellence. Experience the magic of flawlessly orchestrated operations at K-Plumbing!