HIDRO-Safe Borehole Kitchen Water Filter – with UV on-off Light



This unique 3 stage water filter with ISO-GRAM filtration which remove heavy metals, and its UV disinfecting light – which only switches on during water flow, is an improvement on the conventional water filters available.

It filters the water to one micron particle size and safeguard food-rinsing and cooking of your food all the time, even when your borehole water become contaminated with bacteria.

It has a low cartridge replacement cost, and a much higher flow rate than the traditional RO filters (around 9 litres/minute versus 7 litres/hour – of the small RO water filters normally sold) – making food rinsing possible/practical, and safe.

Note; Should your borehole water be low on minerals (TDS below 120 PPM) you can add minerals to improve water quality.

This filter uniquely removes the following harmful contaminants, namely;
* Bacteria (E.coli etc. when present)
* Heavy-metals and radioactive isotopes
* Bad tastes and odours
* Foreign matter – down to one micron
Low filter replacement cost – compared to RO filters of similar size
Shipped via courier, and easy DIY installation with instructions


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