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Unleash the power of water resilience! As our underground water infrastructure crumbles and repairs force inconvenient shutdowns, it’s crystal clear that having a backup plan is essential.

Introducing K-Plumbing—the masters of freshwater security. We hold the keys to designing cutting-edge bulk water storage systems, equipped with booster pumps, catering to residential buildings, office parks, hospitals, shopping centers, and beyond.

Collaboration is our secret weapon. By partnering with specialized pump suppliers, we create a symphony of efficiency that will leave you amazed. Our systems are meticulously crafted to deliver peak performance, ensuring you never miss a beat. Picture tanks fitted with level float controllers, keeping tabs on water levels, while low-level alarms stand ready to alert you if needed. And to top it off, our main line low flow early warning systems provide an extra layer of peace of mind.

Join us in embracing a future where water scarcity is a thing of the past. Wave goodbye to disruptions and welcome a world where backup water supply is a necessity no more. With K-Plumbing, you can rest assured knowing that efficiency and reliability flow seamlessly together. Trust the experts who make your water dreams a reality.

Unlock the power of rainwater—nature’s gift, wasted no more! At K-Plumbing, we’re on a mission to turn thousands of liters of rainfall into a valuable resource. Say goodbye to squandering this liquid gold and hello to an easy, affordable solution that puts rainwater to work for you.

Individual homeowners, industrial giants, and commercial property owners, listen up! We offer a range of options to harness the potential of rainwater. Picture individual tanks or a network of rainwater reservoirs capturing every precious drop. Suddenly, watering your garden, topping up pools and ponds, washing cars and driveways, or even plumbing it into irrigation systems becomes a breeze—all while saving money.

But we don’t stop there. We go the extra mile to adapt our systems with cutting-edge filtration technology, transforming rainwater into a resource fit for flushing toilets. Our rainwater tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, ensuring a perfect fit for any application. Enhance your setup with pre-filtration units and leaf catchers, because we believe in going above and beyond.

It’s time to seize the opportunity that falls from the sky. Embrace a sustainable future where rainwater reigns supreme. With K-Plumbing, you’ll discover a world where waste becomes abundance, all while protecting your wallet and the planet. Let’s make every drop count.

We use Africa tanks, Jojo, Calcimite, and Eco tanks.
10-year factory warranty on tanks.

Prices from (all prices include installation):

1000L Slimline Tank and 0.75 booster pump
From R12,500.

2500L Tank and 0.75 booster pump
From R14,500.

5000L Tank and 0.75 booster pump
From R15,800.

Call-out Rates:

– Normal Call-Out Fee: R886including VAT for the first hour. Every hour thereafter is R633.00 including VAT (8:00 am – 17:00 pm).

-Emergency Call-Out Fee, including the first hour: R1380.00 excluding VAT. Every hour thereafter is R886.00 including VAT (17:00 pm – 8:00 am).

Our Workmanship Guarantee:

K-Plumbing provides a 3-month guarantee on our workmanship (2 months above plumbing norms and standards).

Terms and Conditions apply to everything mentioned.


Services we offer.

Grey water harvesting

Purification Systems

Water Meter Systems

Solar water solutions

K-Plumbing exceeded all our expectations. Same day service, friendly and efficient staff, good communication and quality workmanship. Also satisfied with the cost of the repairs. Will only use K-Plumbing!

Elisbé Kruger – Customer

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Friendly and professional. Assurance of future assistance at any time. 100% recommended.

Kobus Louw – Customer

I am happy with the service that K-plumbing gave me. Their employees are very professional and respectful. Chane was very helpful with the queries that l had. Also, the plumbers Desmond and Shaun did a great job with fixing my sink. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tinaye Muzanya – Customer

Exceptional service as I’ve come to know.
I have used them before and, they are my first recommendation for anything plumbing related.

Fixed my burst geyser and provided the correct paperwork to sumbit and claim from my insurrance. Replacement was not easy and they took great care not to damage the building structure.

Christiaan Kruger – Customer

Called them 07:00 on a Sunday morning for a leaking geyser, they arrived at 08:00, assessed the problem, then returned Monday morning 08:30 and installed a new geyser. Effortless. Thank you, service like that is hard to find.

Gregory Bosman – Customer


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